Workshops announced

We are pleased to announce the pre-conference workshops that will take place on June 18th as part of the HEAd’24 conference. These workshops are designed to provide participants with hands-on experience, practical skills and theoretical knowledge on some of the most relevant topics in education and technology.

W1. Reinventing University: The Digital Challenge in Higher Education. This workshop focuses on the digital transformation in higher education, aligned with the EU’s Digital Education Action Plan. It aims to explore the reconstruction of higher education institutions to foster digital skills, lifelong learning, and reduce inequalities, emphasizing the role of universities in a digital society and the ethical implications of AI technologies in education.

W3. Optimizing University Module Design. This workshop aims to share practical, collaborative approaches to university module design, emphasizing Universal Design for Learning (UDL), gamification, and co-creative strategies. Participants will explore how these methodologies can enhance teaching and learning across various learning management systems, reflecting on the challenges and benefits of integrating innovative instructional designs in higher education.

W4. Hacking a hackaton. This workshop focuses on sharing best practices for conducting impactful EdTech hackathons and leveraging the DigiEduHack initiative to enhance their visibility and effectiveness in promoting innovation in education, particularly in the context of AI and challenge-based learning.