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Sponsored talk

Overcoming key challenges in STEM Education:

Supporting teachers and students with a virtual teaching assistant

Wednesday 21, 11:15. Room 4
Talk sponsored by SOWISO

In today’s world, numeracy is an essential skill. However, teaching and learning STEM subjects can be challenging. Students in various fields—such as engineering, physics, finance, and business—often struggle with the mathematical component of their studies, feeling overwhelmed and demotivated. Teachers, on the other hand, face a range of challenges, like encouraging healthy study habits, motivating students to achieve their best, and giving fair chances to succeed to all. To overcome these obstacles, educators need assistance providing learners with personalized attention, especially as teachers’ class sizes and workloads grow.

This session will share strategies to support educators who face these common issues. We will draw on the use cases of leading institutions like Radboud University and Amsterdam University College to provide effective technology-enhanced best practices. Dr Ana Lucia Vargas Sandoval will also introduce SOWISO, the online learning and testing environment for STEM these universities use to enhance their teaching. She will showcase features that empower teachers to engage students and save time, such as interactive theory, randomized exercises, and personalized automated feedback.

Speaker: Dr Ana Lucia Vargas Sandoval
Ana Lucia Vargas Sandoval obtained her PhD in Logic at the University of Amsterdam in 2020. After that, she changed direction to focus on STEM education and its relation with technology. Now, she is the Product Specialist and a Math Editor at SOWISO.

Workshops announced

We are pleased to announce the preconference workshops that will take place on June 19th leading up to the HEAd’23 conference. These workshops are designed to provide participants with hands-on experience, practical skills and theoretical knowledge on some of the most relevant topics in education and technology.

W2. Learning Experience Design in the Age Of Metaverse. This workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of how to design effective and engaging learning experiences for the digital age, with a focus on learning in the metaverse.

W3. Reinventing University: the Digital Challenge in Higher Education. This workshop aims to promote an inter-connected higher education system and address digital transformation and innovation in learning and teaching practices. Researchers, students, educators, teachers, scholars, academics, scientists, professionals, experts, and decision-makers interested to cooperate are welcome to participate.

W5. The Future Higher Education Classroom. This workshop aims to introduce strategies to address executive function processes and teach students how to think and learn. It also introduces a new taxonomy of important types of learning beyond cognitive learning itself.

Don’t miss out on these exciting opportunities to expand your skills and knowledge!

Register now for the HEAd’23 conference and preconference workshops in the registration page.

“Sowiso” becomes Silver Sponsor for HEAd’23

We are glad to announce that SOWISO is supporting HEAd’23 as a Silver Sponsor!

SOWISO is a virtual STEM teaching assistant for higher education and high school. Their digital platform engages students while saving teachers time. Educators can design courses with interactive theory and exercise packages from our extensive content library on this platform. Additionally, teachers can create their content within our authoring environment. Their exercises are randomized and include personalized feedback so students can practice at their own pace. All exercises are automatically graded so educators can focus on their work’s creative and interpersonal dimensions. Teachers benefit from unlimited support from their in-house math specialists, so they can best meet their teaching needs. SOWISO is used by more than 60 leading educational institutions worldwide, supporting over 450,000 students with improved STEM learning.

Save the date – HEAd’23

The 9th International Conference on Higher Education Advances (HEAd’23) will be held in Valencia on June 19 – 22, 2023. We expect to have some pre-conference workshops on June 19, while the main conference will be on June 20 – 22.

Important dates:

  • Submission deadline: February 3, 2023
  • Author notification: April 4, 2023
  • Camera ready: April 23, 2023
  • Workshops: June 19, 2023
  • Main conference: June 20 – 22, 2023

The call for papers will open on November!

Nominations for the Best Paper of HEAd’22

We are proud to announce the list of papers that have been nominated as candidates for the Best Paper and Best Student Paper Awards. The nominated papers were selected based on their review scores.

The final decision will be made during the conference by the best paper committee based on the presentation and Q&A. The award will be announced and conferred during the closing session (Friday, 17 June at 12:15 in Virtual Room 1).

Best Paper nominees

An Analysis of Conversational Volatility During Telecollaboration Sessions for Second Language Learning
Alan F. Smeaton, Aparajita Dey-Plissonneau, Hyowon Lee, Mingming Liu, Vyoma Patel, Michael Scriney

Teaching Open Science. What do FNS-Cloud Food Researchers Want to Know?
Katherine M Flynn, Luminita Ciolacu, Annette Fillery-Travis, Luis Mayor

Flipped classroom – a solution to teach the unloved iron carbon phase diagram in first year engineering during the Covid-19 pandemic
Anja Pfennig

Do universities have a distinctive brand personality? The case of ECIU Universities
Ana Estima, Cristina Guimarães

Fostering Key Competencies for Sustainability: Development of a Higher Education Teaching Format based on Service Design
Silke Bustamante, Martina Martinovic, Thomas Afflerbach

Best Student Paper nominees

Survive to stay connected: patterns of user experiences in a Life Long Learning digital platform
Marta Cannistrà, Mara Soncin, Federico Frattini

Collaborative Design and Build Activity in a CS1 Course: A Practical Experience Report
Benoit Donnet, Géraldine Brieven, Laurent Leduc

Supporting Developers in Creating Web Apps for Education via an App Development Framework
Juan Carlos Farah, Sandy Ingram, Denis Gillet