Optimising University Module Design (OUMD)

Workshop W3

Date: June 18
Time: 14:00

Isolated approaches to module design presented by lecturers with no instructional or learning design background in Higher Education are common and demonstrate a non-unified model of teaching and learning to students.

The purpose of the workshop is to share practical approaches to module design based on the analyses of the module design in SETU and modern learner needs, UDL, gamification, co- creative and collaborative design and redesign work that could be spread across the whole university. Extra challenges arose with the existence of two principal and other minor LMSs on university campuses.

The workshop will offer the opportunity to discuss potential challenges or consequences that may occur as a result of integrating instructional and pedagogical approaches into the teaching and learning process.

The research is based on the collaborative approach to module design and redesign developed by instructional designer and diverse groups of lecturers across the SETU, which encouraged various levels of experimentation in graphic, content, format, and learning space design, as well as analysing its impact on teaching quality and consistency of the content.


  • Share recent results and achievements of the research and collaboration work between staff and students.
  • Provide workshop participants with an opportunity for practical experience and collaboration in module design/redesign.
  • Encourage debates and sharing of knowledge among the participants about different approaches to module design in various countries and universities.
  • Demonstrate examples of change and best practices of module design/redesign with the help of UDL, gamification and inclusive teaching.
  • Stimulate the production of new ideas and future collaboration and networking between staff and universities.
  • Encourage future research in the field.


Nataliya Romanyatova, Postdoctoral Researcher & Instructional Designer, SETU, Ireland

Nataliya is a Postdoctoral researcher and an Instructional designer in SETU, Ireland. Her background is in the area of English language, foreign literature and instructional design. She worked as a lecturer, associate professor, postdoctoral researcher and instructional designer in several universities in Ireland and abroad. Since her undergraduate degree, Nataliya has been passionate about pushing the boundaries of Higher Education, looking beyond the norm and evaluating how staff and students can be supported and engaged through innovative approaches. Nataliya is currently sharing a position of postdoctoral researcher for the SATLE- funded programme and instructional designer in the School of Engineering in SETU, Ireland, where she designed the six modules of the Batchelor of Science Additive Manufacturing programme in collaboration with the 3D printing industries. She is managing several key university projects on sustainability and digital transformation.