Nominations for the Best Paper Award of HEAd’19

We would like to announce the list of papers that have been nominated as candidates for the Best Paper Award. The nominated papers were selected based on their review scores.

The final decision will be made during the conference by the best paper committee based on the presentation and Q&A. The award will be announced and conferred during the closing session (Friday, 28th June 2019 at 13:30).

Best Paper nominees

How authentic is it? Evaluating the products of an authentic assessment task
Kay Colthorpe, Harrison Gray, Hardy Ernst, Louise Ainscough

Using Active Learning Spaces to Support Flipped Classroom
Rui Li, Lei Zhu, Jt Singh, Yongyi Mo

The alumni narrative of the connection between university skills and knowledge, and industry: An ‘outside-in’ understanding
David Fleischman, Peter English

Active learning and social commitment projects as a teaching-learning intervention in engineering degrees
Alpha Pernía-Espinoza, Andres Sanz-Garcia, F. Javier Martinez-De-Pison-Ascacibar, Sergio Peciña-Marqueta, Julio Blanco-Fernandez

Assessment of Creative Thinking of Hong Kong Undergraduate Students Using the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking
Annie W. Y. Ng, Chung-Yee Lee

Best Student Paper nominees

Creative writing and Critical Thinking Enhancement at Higher Education
Antonella Poce, Francesca Amenduni

Self-efficacy in first-year university students: a descriptive study
Paula Alvarez-Huerta, Iñaki Larrea, Alexander Muela, José Ramón Vitoria

EstuPlan: Methodology for the development of creativity in the resolution of scientific and social problems
Sergio Astudillo Calderón, Laura De Díez De La Torre, Marina García Companys, Nora Ortega Pérez, Víctor Rodríguez Martínez, Sabah Alzahrani, Raquel Alonso Valenzuela, Adolfo Ávalos García, Blanca Cifuentes, Alberto Esteban Carrasco, Aránzazu Gómez Garay, Luisa Martín Calvarro, María Soledad Martín Gómez