W4. Your first digital escape-the-room game Workshop

Date: June 19
Time: 14:00 – 18:00

Game-based learning has received increasing attention over the last few years. Among other formats, live escape-the-room games have made their way into school and university classrooms. While successful as a teaching and learning tool, live escape-the-room games in education will usually fall short of the expectations set by professional games, since education facilities do not allow the same kind of professional scenery and game mechanics.
Digital escape-the-room games have up to now not been a viable alternative since not many teachers are in possession of the necessary programming skills to implement their game ideas. However, in recent years, authoring tools have become more and more accessible and versatile and have become real game changers when it comes to the creation of digital learning content in general and learning games in particular.
In this workshop we will create a small escape-the-room scenario from scratch. Game mechanics acquired will include navigation, interaction of game objects and the inclusion of typical learning-management-system-style questions into the game world.

Goals & Objectives: After the workshop attendees will have learnt

  • the basics of object orientation
  • the basics of game design
  • the basics of the authoring tool Active Presenter
  • to create their own room
  • to navigate in their own room
  • to interact with their room
  • to implement lms-style questions into their game

Organizer: Dr. Rolf Kreyer is Full Professor of modern English linguistics at the University of Marburg. In 2019 he was awarded the excellency-of-teaching award of Marburg University for his learning game the Linguist’s Lair (https://uni-marburg.de/ODIVU7), most likely the first linguistic digital escape game worldwide. Since then he has been giving many workshops on this topic both, nationally and internationally. Among other things, he is currently partner of the EU-funded project GAME – Games and Active learning Methods in Education.