Sponsored talk

Overcoming key challenges in STEM Education:

Supporting teachers and students with a virtual teaching assistant

Wednesday 21, 11:15. Room 4
Talk sponsored by SOWISO

In today’s world, numeracy is an essential skill. However, teaching and learning STEM subjects can be challenging. Students in various fields—such as engineering, physics, finance, and business—often struggle with the mathematical component of their studies, feeling overwhelmed and demotivated. Teachers, on the other hand, face a range of challenges, like encouraging healthy study habits, motivating students to achieve their best, and giving fair chances to succeed to all. To overcome these obstacles, educators need assistance providing learners with personalized attention, especially as teachers’ class sizes and workloads grow.

This session will share strategies to support educators who face these common issues. We will draw on the use cases of leading institutions like Radboud University and Amsterdam University College to provide effective technology-enhanced best practices. Dr Ana Lucia Vargas Sandoval will also introduce SOWISO, the online learning and testing environment for STEM these universities use to enhance their teaching. She will showcase features that empower teachers to engage students and save time, such as interactive theory, randomized exercises, and personalized automated feedback.

Speaker: Dr Ana Lucia Vargas Sandoval
Ana Lucia Vargas Sandoval obtained her PhD in Logic at the University of Amsterdam in 2020. After that, she changed direction to focus on STEM education and its relation with technology. Now, she is the Product Specialist and a Math Editor at SOWISO.